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speaking of…

sparked by this post from buzzfeed, i was reminded of an incident during my eighth grade winter semi-formal. i wore a dress that my dad had made, and i was feeling all sorts of special. i had my hair crimped, totally horrendous — but at that age, i loved it.

my dress had a halter top, came down to about mid-calf, and draped around the chest so as to not show any cleavage.

my principal saw me at the dance, pulled me to her office with another girl, and then told me that what i was wearing was promiscuous and that she “wasn’t sure what [my] parents were teaching [me].” she told me that what i was wearing wouldn’t be tolerated in her house, and said something alone the lines of she would never let her daughter wear something like my dress. she scolded me and then sent me home — from a dance that i had paid for a ticket to. 

we wrote a letter to the district about how she handled the situation and how she shamed me for wearing a halter top to a school dance. that wasn’t short. that wasn’t low-cut.

she was made district superintendent of instructional services. 

this doesn’t include the time she yelled at my mom about my brother’s behavioral issues and told her that she was a bad mom, years before i attended that school (i think she may have been assistant principal during my brother’s years). you know. aside from that.

idk why i’m sharing this really, but i guess i want to say that you shouldn’t shame someone for something that they’re wearing. unless they show up somewhere inappropriately naked, then yeah, that’s a problem. but handle the situation with some sort of awareness and tactfulness. don’t tell a twelve or thirteen year old girl that she should be questioning how she was raised by her loving parents because she wore a halter top to a school dance.

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Chicago Fog / Michael Salisbury

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People fuck up. That’s life. Family is supposed to be forever. Otherwise, what’s the point?


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Come not between a dragon and his wrath.

Ki Hong Lee talking about his character in Maze Runner [x]


first things first i’m a princess

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Other places you can find me…

Because I know that my posting on Tumblr is far and few these days, in the event some of you would like to find me elsewhere:

Holla at a homegirl, yeah?

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I wanted to draw the Mountain into the West….